Hello! MOTO:The Game of gambling in the flagship.


MOTO is not dead yet instead it spent a few years in limbo. It is coming back with the craziest feature to gamble the world of mobile technology in its flagship, which is driven by aggressive communication. Its audacious innovation and partnering with Lenovo is helping to bring the all new Moto Mods.

 Video by MOTO family : Innovation is revolution


When talking about the smartphone, is an incredible invention but its 10 years old- says many. And they wanted to break those limitations.

Add-ons, by themselves is not new. But this time its a huge buzz all over the social media about the products it is providing withing the flagship-
-The speaker unit is from JBL and
-The camera has aHasselblad lens and many more.

For the customers unwilling to opt for Moto Mods, there are still a range of innovation features that Huckfeldt runs through: scanning a business card and uploading its data, a torch triggered by a chopping motion, and shatterproof glass on the Moto Z Play.



Source: International Data Corporation (IDC) Q3 2016 India Smartphone Report.
Thanks to Economic Times, Brand Equity.


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