Paper Boat celebrates Teacher’s Day.

Started with ‘Aam Panna’ and ‘Jaljeera’ back in 2013 , Paper Boat has been constantly innovating its products which is evident from the fact that within two years they have launched more than 10 flavours.They are currently offering 12 flavours to their customers including ‘Ginger Lemon Tea’, ‘Aamras’, ‘Kokum’, ‘Jamun’ etc.


The firm generated the revenue of more than $100 millions in the non-alcoholic beverages market.

The association of its products to childhood memories has worked well for the company so far. With its constant innovation, strong distribution hold and attractive packaging, Paper Boat is all set to gain a lucrative market share of Indian beverage industry.


On the very occasion of Teacher’s day the company brings out a very connecting message for the audience who can relate it with the so called “childhood memories” 

                   P.S.: To the teachers who didn’t give us a free period on teacher’s day.

This message is in the form of video card , dedicated to the dedicated teachers in our school during schooling period. The message is very heart-touchy and anyone could easily relate it with their relation with teachers.

The brand significantly trying to enhance its customer relations by bringing out many such messages on every occasion which seems to be very effective too. The connection with the consumers is very important for any business and the company knowingly have grabbed each and every opportunity to excel and keep a very productive growth on.

Happy-Teachers-Day-Images-1Happy Teacher’s Day 

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